How to Earn Zcash

Step 1 – Get a Zcash address

Mobile Wallets: ZECwallet on Android and iOS, Nighthawk on Android and iOS, Unstoppable Wallet

On a desktop computer: ZECwallet FullNode, ZECwallet Lite, Guarda Desktop

Hardware cold storage (t-address only): Trezor, Ledger

Online Exchanges (t-address only): Gemini, Coinbase, Kraken, Binance


Step 2 – Share your z-address (starts with a z)


Post a static z-address to your website or social media account


Step 3 – Process donations to your non-profit

The Giving Block donation processor

NowPayments donation widget


Step 4 – Process payments to your online store or business

Shopify: CoinPayments

WooCommerce (WordPress): CoinPayments, MyCryptoCheckout, Cointopay, NowPayments, Plisio

Magento: CoinPayments, Cointopay

Opencart: CoinPayments, Cointopay, NowPayments, Plisio

PrestaShop: CoinPayments, Cointopay

Virtuecart: Plisio


Other Ways to Earn ZEC

ZECpages (receive ZEC for likes or referrals)

Gemini Earn (earn interest)

ZF Grants (grant program for building Zcash infrastructure)

Gitcoin Grants (quadratic funding for building exciting projects)

Bitwage (receive a whole or partial paycheck in Zcash)


Disclaimer: We do not endorse any of the resources linked to on this page. Please use at your own risk.