Zcash Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets are where public addresses and private keys are stored. These are similar to bank accounts, with the difference being you are in full control and there is no trusted third party who can help if things go badly. That means you’re responsible for protecting your Zcash account by securing sensitive information like seed words, private keys, and passwords.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse any of the resources linked to on this page. Please use at your own risk.

Mobile Wallets:

Nighthawk on Android and iOS

ZECwallet on Android and iOS

Unstoppable Wallet

Mobile Zcash is like having a private Swiss bank account in your pocket.

Desktop Wallets:

ZECwallet FullNode

ZECwallet Lite

ZECwallet is a z-address first user-interface wallet and full node for Zcash. Works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux desktop operating systems.

Hardware cold storage Wallets (t-address only):

Ledger, Trezor

Store Zcash offline with a small hardware device. Trezor and Ledger only support t-addresses for now.

Online Exchange Wallets (t-address only):

Gemini, Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, SafeTrade

Store Zcash online with a third party exchange, without buying hardware or downloading software. Exchanges only support t-addresses for now.
Also remember the warning – Not your keys, not your coins.